Trading Process

Trading Topic

Once a Topic has been reviewed and approved, it will be added to the Upcoming Topics list. When the trading start time arrives, users can start trading Power of the Topic using ETH.

The price of Power is directly determined by our Pricing Formula without any liquidity concerns. Details can be found here.

Trading Subtopic

Users can buy Subtopic Power with Topic Power, or directly with ETH, which automatically converts to Topic Power before buying Subtopic Power.

Trading Fee

When buying and selling Power, a 5% trading fee is applied, of which, 3% is taken in the form of Power or Votes respectively and is burned, 1% is returned to the Influencers through our referral mechanism, and 1% is retained by the platform.

Anti-Bot Mechanism

To prevent bots from buying Power at the earliest and cheapest price, we've implemented an Anti-Bot Mechanism. Initially, the buying fee starts at 65% for Power, then linearly decreases to 5% over the first 30 minutes, and subsequently remains at 5%. Note that during this period, all the extra buying fee is burned.

This table provides a clearer illustration of the trading fee details:

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