What is Topic.Market?

Topic.Market is a marketplace for discovering hot topics and trading them. Users can purchase Power of a Topic to participate.

What is a Topic?

A Topic refers to a subject of public interest. It could be a social trend, a news headline, a political discussion, an event name, or even a celebrity - anything that captures public attention.

Note that a Topic is just a discussion subject proposed by the community and is NOT issued or associated with any specific entity, company, or individuals.

What is a Subtopic?

A Subtopic is a narrower aspect or component of a main Topic, focusing on particular perspectives related to it.

What is Power?

Power is the tradable unit of a particular Topic or Subtopic, allowing you to show your interest in it. You can trade Power to make a profit, and the Power of a Topic can be used to purchase the Power of a Subtopic.

Please note that Power is an Automatically Priced Asset, which are not tokens and therefore cannot be traded on current DEXes or CEXes. They are also not securities and do not represent any equity interests or guarantee any returns. However, they're implemented in smart contracts, ensuring they are decentralized, transparent, and run on the blockchain.

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